This night, I was again a little bit feverish (the disease was not still cured!), my husband left to the bathroom, I felt him returning and putting himself in the bed, I was back to him, then I move back little to have a cuddle, but I feel nothing physical, nevertheless I felt the sheet moving, I turn, and there small shiver, I saw a girl stuck on me, too satisfied!

Except that I was a little afraid, so I ask her who she is, where does she come from, what she wants …
” Nothing I just want a cuddle with Mom, until dad returns “.
A new little girl in my big family!:)
She is really cute, small dark hair girl with hazel eyes, big smile with some missing teeth!

Then she tells me, “I am also there because Mom is sick, and because it is necessary to love her ”
I had big shivers, with tears in the eyes.

Yesterday evening before sleeping, I had a discussion with my brother, and he told me (after a long discussion about the disease): ” the good plan with the fever, it is it leads you to forget all which is not important, and you don’t care about everything, you let go, even if you do not want it. ”
With this girl stuck against me, I let go, but in more I i was filled with love. unconditional love, the one of a mother.
She was called Sophie.

My husband came back from the bathroom, Sophie left, then I fell asleep, serene and full of love’s thoughts.

In the awakening this morning, I was less sick, I managed to understand at night where came from the troubles (I shall make a video), and I found a small part of “ divine me “.

The ghosts can frighten, but if we go further this barrier, they become wonderful confidants, and carriers of lessons.