LOVE YOURSELF AND UNDERSTAND YOUR LIFE, a vast program which we could summarise in some lines.

The real happiness is to find an utility with our life and to understand why we are on earth.

Because there is not worse torture that not to know what we make on earth, not to have purpose? not to Have a slightest idea of how we could help others?

Because no matter what people say, any human, want deeply in his heart, even if sometimes he doesnt take the “right” path to do it, help others and himself. Find whom we are and to be able to make and be what we were born, it is almost as if we learnt to fly, and…

” To be able to fly it is necessary to see outside as inside, that everything is in order for a long time. Then you can fly above the order of the world. … It is because the man does not see the order of his life inside, the order of his past which making all his present, that’s why he stay on the ground, incapable to fly, the hindered feet. But if, suddenly, the order outside makes him raise the eyes in the magic mirror of the time, then he can fly away if he bears what he sees inside! ”


In that way, born the acceptance of ourself, our suffering and the will to love what IS. Either in the duality, but in the Unity.