What is meditation?

Many contradict themselves on what is the meditation, for my part, I think that there is hundreds of manners to meditate, and that no matter the one that you will choose as long as that it will brings you to well being, helps your mental to calm down, and helps you to become aware of what you are really.

In fact, no matter if it does not help you to become aware, as long as she helps to make some space in your spirit,to help it to be able to receiving again.

How to fill a cup which is already full?

The meditation serves to accept and to like mental sound / ego / child-me, rather than to fight ceaselessly against this part of us.

As I said there is hundreds of different manners to meditate: for example, the meditation Vipassana, the Zazen, the active meditations of Osho, the tantric meditations, the Buddhist meditations, etc…

For my part, the meditation which I practise is the one of the full consciousness.

What consists in stopping, in closing eyes, and in becoming aware of what it takes place in yourself (the breath, feel all your muscles, each part of our body) and what takes place around you (smell, sounds …) Only to observe, without judging, and without waiting for anything. Without focusing on a thought, but without rejecting her also. Because more you try reject it, more you’re fight against your spirit, just allow it to pass, then refocusing on your heart or your breath.

It is very simple when i say it, isn’t it ?
i pass one year before managing to meditate completely 10 minutes!

When I say completely, it is that no one small thought came to disturb the profound reassurance I felt.
On one year to learn how to ask to my child-me to come, only when I want it.

And still I often make relapses! your chil-me does not miss you! the slightest inattention, and it come back to cry !
At the beginning we need techniques of meditation to understand how to be friend with our mental, until the state of meditation became, not simply a limited experience but a part of us, then life becomes a meditation.

Then we need no more quiet room, no more music of Deva premal, or to close eyes.

I cut peppers, perfect!

I meditate, I look their color, their shape, smell their perfume coming to tickle my nostrils, I listen to the noise that make the knife when it penetrates into the flesh of the vegetable, I eat a part of it, and then… !
You will see that this pepper will have a taste incredibly different from those you ate before!

It is in ourself and only in ourself, that we can find the deep relaxation, the peace and real love.
Love and peace cannot be outside, if we do not already know them inside.
In fact, we know it all, but we forget it so often!

And you, do you meditate ? And if yes, what is your technique?