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Intriguing isnt it? Especially when it arrives relatively often, 11:11 am, 3:03 pm, 7:07 pm…or another 10:01 am, or 02:20 am but also ” 09:09 am on September 9th ” they are alike and ring as “abnormal” hours, even without being spiritual, these mirrored hours fascinate!

Here is the small explanation of what I know about it, and especially, some meanings according to hours (I found the meanings on a site, they “spoke” to me and I thus share them with you, they do not come from me.)


There is several, the most common, is that
– these hours are signs of guides or in anybody who help us on the path of the reincarnation to tell us ” Continue, you are on the right track, the one who is in agreement (and thus mirror), with the choices which you have make before you came back on earth “.

– these signs can also be a message of our subconscious to look back to us on a past event, at this precise hour. (what does not really work with hours mirror, but for example, for a while, I saw “33” everywhere, and every time I switched on my telephone, it was 10:33 am, 12:33 am, 8:33 pm… in these cases of recollections of the subconscious, the number returns everywhere, even outside hours as on number plates, buses… EVERYWHERE!!

– it is also possible that these hours are answers to questions that you arise, according to the hour when you see appearing, and of its meaning (see below)

THE MEANINGS (harder for english people, because 13:13 is 1:13pm for you !):

00:00 am: absence, sacrifice, expectation, silence, preparation.
01:01 am: solitude, isolation, me, paternal principle.
02:02 am: duality,antagonism, complementarity, maternal principle.
03:03 am: thought, idea, verb, will, communication.
04:04 am: shape,strength,earth,cycles natures, power.
05:05 am: life, creation, transmission, activity, vitality, magnetism.
06:06 am: initiation, harmony, loyalty, wisdom, choice.
07:07 am: awareness, association, evolution, spirituality.
08:08 am: liberation, law, discipline, ethics, consciousness.
09:09 am: complexity, internal life, humanism, searches.
10:10 am: self-confidence, realizations, fortune and rise, work.
11:11 am: charisma, visionary aspect, rebellion.
12:12 am: clearvoyance, evolution, karma, voluntary renunciation.
13:13 pm: died and resurrection, cycle, taste of the change.
14:14 pm: movement, progress, instability, involution.
15:15 pm: passion, sexuality, magnetism, will, regression.
16:16 pm: pride, need for solitude, purification, pride, isolation.
17:17 pm: will of overtaking, creative strength, imagination.
18:18 pm: love superior, susceptibility, magic, illusion.
19:19 pm: transcendent universal, thought light.
20:20 pm: speed, need for reason, impermanence of the behavior.
21:21 pm: success final, divine wisdom, synthesis, crowning
22:22 pm: prestige and fame, sense of the mission, the genius.
23:23 pm: suppleness,donation for communications,protection,inheritance.

I did not put coincidences numerological from virtue doreen, because I am not in agreement with several of these definitions, but I shall put them in comment.


-The Numerology

Before the first nine numbers, the zero initializes the Whole. It represents the non existing, the not shown infinity, and undefinable, the cosmic potential where from everything comes and where everything restarts. For these reasons, it is not used in numerology. He can possibly indicate that the total freedom in this domain, for the better as for the worse is taken by the element in question.

Intense will. Big faculties of realizations and self-control. Authoritarianism.
The symbol of the standing man, the only one is 1 to be of the creation to possess this faculty. It is symbol of the active man, who is associated with the results of the creation. It is also the place, the place of residence of the being, the source and at the end of any thing, it is a center, in a way. This center can be mystic and shine as a Sun. A base, a starting point is 1. It is a part of unifying symbols, just like the symbols which reconcile opposite, which unite the opposite.
This number allows to reconcile rational and irrational, intellect and imagination, reality and ideal, concrete and abstract. If the zero contained all the possible to the hidden state, 1 contains all the potentialities and shown. It is the source, the starting point, the essential unity at the origin of any thing; the generative principle of all which is. Endowed with a considerable and male energy, 1 is the one who is originally, the creator, the one who commands and manages the others, the man of action, the pioneer, and, by extension, the tyrant. The beginning, the starting up, but also the revival, the opportunity to make a new start is contained in this number. It is sometimes a period of direction and responsibility, always a very energy, but often solitary and difficult, frequently enviable phase.

Unions, associations. Incite to be bound, to collaborate. Shyness.
2, just like the copy, possesses its symbolism. 2, it is the opposition, the conflicts, the reflection, the realized balance or the latent threats, the ambivalence and the doubling. It is attributed to the archetype of the Mother, to the feminine principle. It is the disastrous involution or the creative evolution, the dualism where bases all the dialectic. The fight, the movement, the progress, the division, the multiplication, the synthesis are also awarded to 2, which can strengthen the symbolic value of what surrounds it. He can also multiply the power in the infinity. It is the reflection, the double of 1. The duple time which governs our world, arises principle of opposite: day and night, yin and yang, action and reaction, it is the polarity and balances.
The man is 1, is 2 the woman. Both is the one who organizes behind the one who manages, the ” brilliant second “; nobody well-balanced, sociable, diplomat, who gathers and assembles; but it is also the dreamer, the utopian, what what can go to the indecision. Period of collaboration, association in the private and/or professional life, it should be quiet and balanced. Sometimes under feminine domination, this number also evokes, in its opposite direction, a phase of separation.

Developed sociability. Acute sense of communication. Chatterbox.
3 express a mainly intellectual and spiritual order in God, in the Universe and in the man. One engenders two which engenders any things: 3 became a support, a perfect figure, expressing a certain shape of whole lot, completion. He allows the perfection of the divine unity, a completion of the demonstration, a fulfillment, a participation where the consciousness is developed what can be translated by diverse forms of divination. A limit between the favorable and the unfavorable is 3. Symbol of all of the social order is 3 also, that is why it is beneficial, if we follow this social order. It is the breath of the spirit that is going to create, and by the verb to express himself and to communicate, the creative dynamism of life and movement. And it is also, for the couple, it is the coming of the third person: the child
3 is the one who expresses itself, who expresses himself and communicates the taste, the harmony and the beauty; it is the artist, the media man. Also the chatterbox, the clown, the draft, the expression, the communication, the creation, the movement of the life, is 3 with 5, one of the best periods of the existence.

Concrete realizations. Stability. Smell of the order. Stiff.
Since the prehistory, is 4 symbol of solid, tangible and perceptible. It is an adding symbol. The archetype of the adding power is 4, which means the extent of this power seemingly and the extent on all the acts of their subjects, (e.g. by speaking about kings, leaders, etc.,). 4 is connected with the square and with the cross. it symbolizes the whole lot, of the created, the revealed. In Japanese, 4 is synonymic of death. This number should ask of change. it is connected with the Universe in its entirety, with the visible and material world and with the integration of the human being to this world. it organizes and represents a strength to this end. It is a feminine number. it represents a potentiality, which comes with the demonstration of the figure 5. 4, according to C.G. Jung, relates to the quaternité, the foundation of the archetype of the human psyche, in other words, all of the conscious psychic processes and the unconscious, the essential condition to realize besides the world and its reality. The number of the material demonstration is 4, it is the material, the material world, the created universe, the earth, the solidity, the hardness and also the limitation, the work, the worker, the practical, solid, methodical, orderly, but often limited man. It is still the creature of habit, the maniac or the beast of burden, a period of the work, often the hardness and of limitation, but that allows to build solidly.

Le cinq, c’est la vie, le combat, l’aventure, le changement, la liberté, la sensualité et la sexualité, l’aventurier, celui de toutes les aventures, physiques, affectives, spirituelles ou intellectuelles. C’est l’expérimentateur, le chercheur, l’homme ou la femme libre, ardent, entreprenant, audacieux magnétique et chanceux, aimant la vie et ses plaisirs. C’est l’imprudent, le coléreux, le dangereux, le temps de la liberté, des voyages, du changement, du combat et des aventures, le temps de la vie intense.

Mobility. Open-mindedness. Adaptability. Loose.
5, in all the diverse symbolism of this planet, is the demonstration of the man, in the term of a biological and spiritual evolution. it indicates an act, as all the odd figures, the even figures indicating a state. It is the number of the material and objective existence, the symbol of the shown life. 5 is the sum of 2 + 3, it is also the middle of the first 9 numbers. It is the union, the center of the man (arms outspread, this one seems made up of 5 parts in a cross shape), the universe (with his two axes, the one horizontal, the other one vertical, passing by a single center, is the perfection).
It is the divine will which can only wish for the order and for the perfection. 5 senses and 5 sensitive forms of the material express all of the perceptible world. But he can also symbolize the unfinished creation and the fatal future: it is associated with the dangerous failures like unborn babies and the death. 5 can be Cruel or creative. The letter C also symbolizes a power of possible transmutation. The man who becomes integrated into the material world and who is going to lead it, it is 5, it is The man with his five senses, with the freedom to use them to look, experiment, fight and sometimes make a mistake.
Five, that’s life, the fight, the adventure, the change, the freedom, the sensualism and the sexuality, the adventurer, that of all the adventures, physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual. It is the experimentation.

Agreement,common life, harmony. Accommodating spirit. Intolerant.
6 mark the opposition of the creature to the creator, in a certain balance, what implies that 6 has to distinguish itself from the creator, what he can make, maybe by creating. But this distinction is source of ambivalence; he can bend as well towards the good as towards the evil, towards the union, but also towards his revolt. He can thus represent a perfection which can show itself. it is thus a test enters the good and evil. 6 is also awarded, especially in Antiquity, to Venus (Aphrodite), for her power to embody. it is mediating between the base, the principle and the demonstration of the creation. The source of any intellectual and temporal things is 6. As it intervenes just before 7, it is thus the path of what is shown to the consciousness. To Bambaras, it is a symbol splendor, sign of the male twins (3 + 3). The search for the harmony, for love is indicated by six, that of the balance realized between creator and created. Evolution, involution, thus choice, harmony, music, dance, love, family, community, national responsibilities, duty and disinterestedness are the lot of number. It is the lover, the soft, the good, the magnet, the beauty, but sometimes too dreamy and too sensitive. the 6 is The responsible man, sometimes at a very high level. It is also the time of love, responsibilities, commitment.

Internal life. Depth of analysis. Spirituality. Lack of confidence.
7 symbolize a transformation after an accomplished cycle, followed by a positive revival. His symbolism lets go certain free will, after the end of a successful cycle. 7 also symbolize the whole time, of the space and of the universe in movement. It is the culmination after 6 other symbolic passages. The 7th day, the day when God leaves the responsibility to the man, is also a dynamic culmination of 6 other phases.
7, among others, is a pact and a human whole lot, the perfection in a unity. It is 4 + 3, 4 being feminine and 3 male. The man in search of a relation with his creator, the connection between the divine and the human being. The spirituality, being able to be evoked by silence, mystery, meditation, the world of the reflection philosophy or discussion. 3 of the world of the Spirit is added to 4, world of the material, to give 7. 7, it is the mystic, the thinker, the philosopher, the silent and secret man. Sometimes, it is someone who hides, or somebody who rebels, the time(weather) of the meditation, the study, the reflection and the solitude or the rest.

8Power. Material success. Entrepreneurial spirit. Manipulator.
Eight is the number of the cosmic balance, a mediation, which relates to the intermediate things. It is the number of the cardinal directions, to which is added that of the intermediate directions. We find it during the broadcastings and the propagandas, as e.g., the politics and the business or the advertising. it concentrates the entity, the uncountable. It is the possibility of an infinite wisdom, in the uncountable forms, in the center of the education, of the spiritual effort and of any search. Beyond the 7th day comes the 8th, which marks the life of the just men and the condemnation of the impure. 8 thus corresponds to the revival. 8 is mathematical the symbol of the infinity. The 8 of the Tarot represents the justice. This number is malefic only by its incomprehension and by a misuse of our life.
The man takes back the fight with 8, and it is the material success: earnings, money, power. It is thus the number of the articulations, the passages, the transformation, the resurrection and the karma. It is a Christ number, a spiritual plenitude of the number 7 become material. It is the man of business, money and to be able to. It is the man of the success, the winner, careerist, authoritarian, imperious, possibly dishonest, and sometimes man forced to the ruin. It is still the power, the money, the originality, the lightning success or the fall, as well as the money troubles.

Altruism, dedication. Overtaking of one. Completion. Hyperemotional person.
The number 9 seems to be the measure of the gestations, the fruitful searchesand it symbolizes the crowning of the efforts, as to lead eventually a creation. It is the perfection of the perfection, the order in the order, the unity in the unity. The Yang, just like the plenitude are 9. This number is complete, because it is the last one of the complete figures, he allows the analysis of the other figures, that is why it is the completion, the complete time. He announces the end and the resumption, a transposition on a new plan, thus the idea of seeding, creation of something else, at the same time the idea of death, is the end of something, the end of a cycle. 9, it is the extension towards the others. The purpose is reached, it is the end, the outcome, the conclusion, the reward of the tests. It is the plenitude of the donations, the universal knowledge and the eternal truths.
With the new, The man can meditate, he can go towards the others to help, relieve, teach. 9 is the one of experience, the altruist and the idealist, the man spoiled by all the donations. It is a time of completion, balance sheet, the harvest, good or bad. Extension for some, end for the others, it is the preparation for the new cycle.

10 general Description: the number 10 evokes a need for action. This number allows your life to turn in positive directions, if you are ready to grow up and to evolve. You could even witness miracles or a very happy series of combination of circumstances at the moments when you would expect it least.
Generally, the change indicated by this number concerns radical or unexpected changes.
10 refers to the fact that things tend to evolve by cycle and to turn little as a wheel.
This number can also indicate an uncertain or short-lived situation.
Is 10 often at the origin of unexpected events which oblige you to adapt yourself as a consequence, to be transformed, to make a new start or to seize one piece of news opportunity.
10 favor the success but very certainly having known a difficult time or having crossed some difficulties.

The symbol of the idealism, the intuition, the energy, the inspiration, the will, the courage, but also of the tension, the contradictions is 11.
11 has the potential to be a source of inspiration for people. it possessed an excessive quantity of energy and the intuition. There are so many things in the psyche that he does not often understand he even.
11 can galvanize all the situations which he enters. it inspires people, but effortlessly conscious. The energy seems to flow through him, without its control. It gives him at the same time the power and the turbulences, and so sometimes the emotionalism.
A canal for the information between the top and the bottom, between the kingdom of the archetype and the relative world is 11. Ideas, thoughts, understanding and perspicacity come to him without it has to pass by a process of rational thought. There seems be a bridge, or a connection between the conscious and unconscious kingdom, which it harmonizes at a high level of intuition by which even the information can circulate mentally.
All this returns to a big capacity of invention. Many inventors, artists, religious leaders, the prophets and the figureheads of the history had 11 as number prevail in their numerological theme.

Hopefully you found yourselves there!