22a nice message !

I noticed that it is often when I look at the sky that my guides come to speak to me, there should be a trick, as with the bathroom!

I was on the terrace, at the edge of the swimming pool, clouds darkened the sky a lot, but I saw appearing magnificent beams of light through these dark masses. I appreciated completely this attractive show by making me the reflection that if these clouds had not been there, then I would not have been able to see this so divine light, because it would have merged in the general lighting.
This is when I hear:
” If only you could have the same look to the clouds which cross your life that the look you have for those who cross the sky, you would not be afraid anymore of losing your moments of light which are so intense and considerable for you because you would keep in mind that clouds come and left. Everything is impermanence. You just have to make as what you are doing there, watch simply clouds passing, take advantage of the shadow while enjoying the remote light. Because you know,in fact that over clouds the sky is always blue. Then, you will never see a cloud of your life as a difficult stage to be crossed, but rather as moment to appreciate just as much as the light, until this one returns. “