It is extremely difficult, even impo… (not I do not like this word) to become love, plenitude and tenderness, to you and to the other one, overnight, for ever and without making never a relapse.

It is our ego which wants absolutely we become perfect, it is this child inside us who wants everything, at once, and for ever, except if we live in a cave… we master nothing, especially not the other one, who instigates in us the fire of the emotional.

Of course it is frustrating to see a part inside us extremely shaken further to a trigger, outside element.
Then often, when the child does not want to calm down, besides when it lasts several days, finally we attack him, we forget our good resolutions to give him love instead of irritating him, putting aside him, and hating him.
And there, it is the disaster, because ego is a difficult kid, the more we irritate him, the more he shouts hardly, more we ask him to remain quiet, more he stirs.
We lose everything, we especially go out of depth…us who had planned to be happy and peaceful on the next 50 years.

Since I was formed in reiki, I discovered a solution to it.
A solution which allows to have much less pressure in our life, and in ourself.
It is the ” Just for today “.
Instead of saying himself “from now on” (then we have an enormous pressure by saying to us that we do not have to make fault anymore!), we choose to try to do well only for a day.
And if we still feel pressure, you can chose ” just for morning “, or ” just for the next hour “.

It is like that I stopped smoking. And it works for everything.

No More pressure, so no more agitation for the child-me who feel fear of failing. No More child’s fear of disappointing the other one ( part of us, or another person)
It is easier not to make “stupid things” during one hour or two, than hanging the rest of your life.
Then we begin like that, quiet, and as one goes along we add one hour.

Here are 5 rules of the reiki:

– just for today I release myself from any concern.
– just for today I release myself from any anger.
– just for today I produce thanks to my numerous blessings, I honor my parents, my professors and my forefathers.
– just for today I live my life honestly.
– just for today I respect the life around me under any shape.

Here is what I try to respect every day, of course there is moment when I forget, and I go against one of these rules, then I do not blame myself, because it’s useless to feel guilty, I only refocus, and go ahead for the next hour.

For all those who say ” I can’t do it, that’s look too difficult”, does it seem to you easier now?

Just for today, I decide to be. Completely

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