Our body is as a carriage, the path on which we circulate is a dirt track. Like all the dirt tracks it contains potholes, holes, bumps, pebbles, ruts and gaps on each side. […]

This carriage is pulled by two horses, a white to the left (yang) and a black to the right (yin), these horses symbolize our feelings, we can understand how feeling manage us !

The carriage is driven by a coachman who represents our mental, the conscious.
The carriage has 4 wheels, 2 in front which are arms, 2 in the back for legs. Inside the carriage there is a passenger we do not see. They’re our guides.
The carriage moves forward managed seemingly by the coachman, just seemingly, because even if it is him who drives, it is the passenger who gave the destination […] the quality and the comfort of the journey will depend of the quality of the driving.

If he ill-treats horses (feelings), those are going to get excited and risk to lead to the accident.
If the coachman is not vigilant enough , horses risk to fall in ruts (reproduction of parental plans for exemple), and he will not know how to avoid holes, bumps… the journey will be very uncomfortable for the coachman and for the passenger.

If the coachman falls asleep, it is the horses which manage.

If we feed more the black horse, then he will fire more hardly to the right and we will be guided by our maternal feelings; on the contrary the white for the paternal feelings […] sometimes, a part or a wheel of the carriage releases breaks, because too fragile, or because the carriage passed by too many bumps.
It is then necessary to repair. According to the gravity, we are going to be able to make it ourselves (healing, rest), or we will have to call a repairman ( alternative and natural medicine) or if it’s too important we will have to call a repairer ( modern medicine).
Anyway, it will be necessary to change the piece, but we will need also to think about the coachman’s driving.
Sometimes the carriage crosses zones without visibility, we don’t know where we go, it can be a simple bend, then it’s necessary to slow down…

( Extract modified by odoul Michel’s book ” say I where you have pain, I will tell you why ” (i dont know the exat title in english !)