Ego comes from Greek, and means “I”.

I am not completely in agreement with this term because for my part I think that we have many “I” inside us, so we are more a US than a ME.

It is not finished, in reality ME is the part which is not able to be aware of the different WE…it is different from all the internal aspects you are able to differentiate, is that clear enough? $
Other point which disturbs me, I hear full of people around me who want to get rid of their ego it risks to be difficult because the égo, the mental, (call it as you want!) is a part of us, how get rid of what we are?
I prefer to see the égo as a child, a child who lives inside us, and we have to take care, but attention do not taking you as ” the adult responsible and exempt from any fault who takes care of the poor small child incapable to grow up”, because this child, IT IS a part of you! We can call this part “child-me”
it allows to change the vision of things, we don’t want any more to reject a part of ONE, we could accept, and especially instead of rejecting, we give love.
The “child-me” is a part of us, which needs permanently to become identified, to increase, to do better than the others, to wake up, to judge, and to make majorities! And it doesnt know how to make in half a measure, he always wants to be completed,he always want to be perfect : much pressure!

You should not want to get rid of this part, but to reassure it, to give to him / us love and tenderness. When we dont want to be affected any more by the égo, we need to be able to giving him some condolence. This poor small child is always disappointed of its expectations to be completed it is necessary to help him/ us to ACCEPT imperfection!

I have fight against the desires, the attachments, I fought even against me for let go! This word for which I was INCOMPETENT to let go! ^^

Until I understand finally, that sometimes you need to let go the let-go !
Have you ever noticed, when you answer to anybody who is irritated by love and tenderness, these two qualities touch and vibrating inside him? It is similar with us!

When you’re angry because you’re incompetent to do something, STOP, take a break, and take time to understand what annoys so much your “child-me”, take time to become aware that YOU ARE NOT what’s happen in your life, you are the one which is crossed by the anger (for example), but not the anger !

Every time your “child-me” is going to be affected by the outside facts, ” the guards of the not-wound ” are going to to say ” you see I already said to you that you can’t trust this person (for exemple)” the said that only to protect you from an other deception.

If in your adult’s life you have deep wounds, and you do not understand where their from… Maybe they arrive in your life because one day you was wounded, and the “guardians of the not-wound” came to help you to never have an other wound like this in your life, and to help you to forget, HOP! We bury and we forget! and physical bodies never forget!

Solution: when you feel hurt, betrayed, or unloved, place you instead of the other person, why does she react like this, which pain can she feel to act in that way with you?

” There in no Love without condolence, there is no condolence without understanding. There has never been any understanding without experimentation of the suffering of other one “

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