“When we undertook a spiritual work (discovery and development of capacities) and when a personal concern prevents us from pursuing it for a moment (because we do not manage to domesticate the mental and thus the impossibility to meditate, to heal ourself), do we have to worry of this period of spiritual “lack” or we rather have to see it as a way of working differently ?”

“Nothing” doesnt exist, nothingness either, who judges that it is nothingness? It is the child in us who appreciated the fact of having a consistency, a flow, the ceaseless activity, the activity .. spiritual!

And there, in your life, a new kind of activities appears, certainly, it is less pleasant than the first one, then the child in you rejects it, and finds it no more funny and spiritual, while in reality, it is maybe more spiritual, because it consists in working on suffering in you, and it is what we want, at the beginning, anymore not to suffer.
Life gives a other chance, to being able to work on you, certainly, in less pleasant conditions. But if you let go, by trying to live suffering completely, in conscience, you will grow as you have never grown up … because manage to like suffering in your life, in you, is the biggest step towards love yourself.


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Just like any person who undertakes a long way, as the pilgrim who crosses many countries, or the warrior who leads a battle, the spiritual walker needs rest.

It is when the spirit is quiet is calmed, that the necessary strength for life, waters the heart, the body and the soul.

It does not exist ordinary moments.
The child inside us, has a constant need for activities, while the wise person knows that the rest is necessary for the power of the spirit.

From now on, when you will have the impression to stagnate, not to move forward anymore on your spiritual way, activate your 5 senses and appreciate these moments when life gives you the opportunity to appreciate the sweetness of the “nothing”.
And do not forget, “nothing” never happen, just look for eyes to see.