Many question i receive are about past lives…
We had a long dialogue with my brother about this subject to know if it’s useful or not to remember our past lifes…

For him, it’s not. For me, i think it can be useful if it’s for helping us to become aware of some previous suffering, and healing our physical problems (or others) in that life.

BUT… please be careful, some people can feel flattering, very flattering (just their children inside (ego)) to learn they were a special person, but be aware that YOU’VE BEEN, you’re not anymore !

And it’s not because you’ve been Jésus in your past life, that you can stop to work in that one ! (anyway Jésus was a group of 7 different souls)

(brief aside: normally we are a “full soul”, but in some lifes, our soul is divided in many parts to have the chance to live different experiences in the same time, For exemple, it’s possible to have a previous life in Vietnam AND in New orleans. That why some fortune teller can see you at 2 différent place, in the same time ! :p)

An exemple which can be useful, as i said in a previous article, when i was a child, i had throat infection, all the time, it came from the unspoken which I “swallowed”, as well as I was hung in several lives, when I understood that, I never had throat infection anymore!

In that case, knowing previous life is useful.

You can also become aware of your capacities, for exemple if you was a chaman or healer, there is many chances you are a healer in this life too.

Exercise :

ANCHOR YOU, first. (It is important.)

Then stand up in front a mirror, approach you, and fix your pupils, a long moment. At the beginning it is rather impressive, we become aware of the greatness of our soul, of our beauty (it is a beautiful exercise for those who don’t really trust themselves ), then some images will arrive, flashes, sounds… keep everything, write what arrives to you.

Made it rather often, with time, more and more images are going to come. Sequences can arrive during our dreams next nights (that was the case for me).

Do not lose patience if it does not come directly, and then don’t forget that life gives you what you need to grow up and evolve, if it does not work, can be because its not useful for you for the moment.

If you’re ok, feel free to share your experience ?

(I remind you that the previous lives are information sources, and that it is necessary to treat it (treat us) respectfully. Professionals can help you to become aware of it, by working on your soul’s wounds, and your cellular’s memories)