Hello wolves!
Today, further to a question on the doubts of a young lady, to know if she makes her visualization in a “good” way or not, and if she send love properly… I propose you an experiment which will not lie!
You can so see the power of visualization and thought.
( This experiment is fired by the works of a Japanese researcher, who has to prove the power of the thought on drop of water: Masaru Emoto)

I DEEPLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO MAKE THIS EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR CHILDREN, they can become aware that it is very important to pay attention to think with the heart.


Cook some rice, normally, as if you were going to eat it, take 3 different glass jars.

Distribute the rice in 3 jars in a equal way.

On the first jar put a label by writing ” I love you “, on the second ” I hate you ” and on the third, write nothing.

During 15 days, or more if you wish to continue the experiment, put your hands around the jar 1 and repeat to the rice ” I love you ” by sending it all the white and pure energy of your heart.
For the jar 2 also put your hands all around and send he all your stress, your anger when you are irritated during the day, and repeat to the rice that you hate it.
For the jar 3, be totally indifferent.

Make this every day, and if you can ask your family to do it with you, it’ll accelerate the process, more energy= faster !

Let me know about the result !!