How we can help souls to pass to the light, when we have no knowledge of the method to be used…

The simplest way, which I use regularly, and which I began to use while I still had no clair-audience / clairvoyance, it is to create a tunnel by visualization, in the middle of your livingroom (or where you are), I always visualize it white, with shades of blue, I do not know why.
Then you visualize this tunnel “sucks up” all the souls in the surroundings, but only if it respects their free will (important to respect this point).
You generally will have some images which arrive in your head, images of this tunnel, and souls who go through it. Let them rise, wait to see the tunnel completely empty, be careful that nobody needs to rise anymore, then close this tunnel, visualize as a door which closes.
Take care of cleaning your livingroom (especially if it is your lounge, a place except your house will not necessarily need to be cleaned.), by making a ” global scan ” of your house.

This is only my way to make it, there is many others, but I find this one really easy and fast.
Some souls will not wish to rise because they will want to express themselves before rising, I recommend you for these ones, to call a medium having clear-audience!:)