Its been a while, that is very difficult for me to have my friend serenity by my side, many stress, even enormously, too many projects, and my head does not know any more where to go…, it gets much better since I resigned!!
But this period was in spite of these difficulties, a period of speeded-up learning, if i could do it again, I shall redo it, without hesitation, I discovered myself more and more, my limits and I.
And when you understand your limits, you can go towards what we are in the deepest.

It stays many things to be finished!!
But June 8th, will be my last workday as interior designer (great !)
Anyway! all this to say that even if I did not have time to make an article, I had to tell you something!

Yesterday evening, while I fell asleep, mental on the center stage (” and how I am going to manage that before Thursday grand opening, and that, oh and i have to take care of that too, and then that ” impossible to stop thinking, nor even meditating: Good opportunity to let go on it ” I do not arrive to meditate “)
I began to think too much to the point that the falling asleep and my serenity flew away little by little, when suddenly I had a flash of a golden eagle …
Majestic, large 2 meter wings, piercing eye and twinkling feather …
What was very strange it is that I saw things with the look of this eagle, everything was so…small, so…insignificant, so…not important!
I was this eagle.
And then, it was confirmed by one of my guides who tells me:
” Remember, when you saw everything from the top, when the only important things were your family, and to feed yourself ”

I was good, in the air, overflying plains of a brilliant green, I managed even to see the dew on the blades of grass which were nevertheless so far, I saw these very white ewes, which seemed to me tasty (for me who eat almost no more meat, it was a strange sensation!), I saw these water streams and felt the breeze on my beak, for a brief moment, the life was so easy…and then, I remembered that it was my choice to see the things of this manners as human also …
(i encourage you to do a sky jumping, you can feel the same sensation !)
I returned to me, the smell of the grass freshly cut still present, I always had these thoughts about these coming two days, everything seemed to me still very difficult to finish, but, it did not have importance anymore, I did not become identified any more with this ” possible not-success “.
As my father said when i was younger, “if you cant see anymore the path, then take out your head of the handlebars”