It’s very hard to forgive each others, but it’s harder to forgive yourself, to accept yourself, and to allow yourself to make some mistakes (it’s not really mistakes, but because they’re experiences which hurt us, we called them mistakes !) But self-compassion is the nicer thing you can give to yourself !

Often, we blame ourself, we depreciate ourself to trust someone who didn’t deserve it, or to “waste time” in a situation, you think some stuffs like that isn’t it ?
First of all, you need to know, there is no wasting time for you for your evolution, for your understanding, and for the development of your love for you and for others.
First point!

Second point, become aware of what you are, who you are, and of why you are here!

-What are you ?

you’re energy, like everything which is re incarnated on earth, energy incarnated in material, you’re part of a big bloc of energy we called “the ONE”

-Who are you ?

a spiritual being who live completely a human experience, and not a human who lives sometimes a spiritual experience. I cant say to you who you are, but i can say what you’re not: a rich people because you have money, an intelligent people because you had good results at school, you’re not sensible because you only believe what you’re seeing… And if the fulfillment, was somewhere else?
Why you’re here ? “the ONE” chose to send some parts of him on earth (you) (and earth is the plan of suffering) to transmute suffering in love (when you will come back “home”, after you die, normally you evolved, and you succeed to change your suffering in love, so you helped the ONE to evolve too, ok ? )

Why I came back on that point?
because i think it’s very important to become aware , or dont forget, YOU ARE magnificent and divine beings, you’re here to have experiences, so it’s normal if some experiences are harder than the other ones, but doesnt matter what it happen, always keep in mind the lesson inside the experience, with this way of thinking you will be aware that you never waste your time, except if you don’t accept the lesson, and in that case, life will serve it to you until you accept to try, and you remember.

How to accept.

If you simply accept that all your experiences are for you well being, and for your evolution, it will help you to change your way of seeing things. (You will not be any more a being who undergone what happens, but somebody who saw things with conscience.)
Then, think to thanks yourself for this experience, even if you suffered with, it’s because of this you will be able to understand real love and compassion if you pass above your suffering.
Finally, forgive yourself, it’s because of you if this experience arrives again, because you didn’t understand the lesson when life shown it to you before, in a gentle way.

Little exercise : stand up in front of a mirror, smile to you, with your heart.
Start with ho’oponopono (i’m sorry, please forgive me, i love you, thank you )insist on each word until you fully think it.
Then say to you 3 things which you’re really proud to have achieved, especially if at the beginning, you didn’t trusted you to achieve this thing.

Finally, never forget you’re unique ! even if we are more than 7 milliards on earth, we are all uniques , and you have a mission that nobody can achieve except you. You’re so important to help world to evolve.