(Part of my life which was quite complicated to manage! )

In 2013, when we decided to leave in Asia, I began to have every evening a kind of ceaseless gulp.
Every evening, when I stopped my daily activities, as I settled finally, (and when I had nothing more “to occupy” my spirit) I began to swallow, without knowing why, with the sensation of something to have stuck in my throat, and my body made stream the saliva to make leave this foreign, nevertheless non-existent.

It did not stop in to return me sick. At the beginning it was only the evening, then in time, it persisted in spite of the night….

When we left, it stopped by arriving in the new country, during a time, only.
In August, it begun again, so 5 months after my arrival.
I didnt understood where does it start, there was no visible trigger, I suspected that it came from the stress, but I did not have the impression to be really under pressure.

So I asked guides, with a friend, in automatic writing where from it could come, they said that it came from an emotional shock of 2010, and to mitigate this inconvenience, I had to … eat plums!

During a session of acupuncture, I took the opportunity to ask if there were patients who presented the same symptoms, i never thought of finding answer … (Internet was not my friend on this subject ! ) He told me that he know it, and that in acupuncture, it was called “the syndrome of the sensation of the plum stone”. I thought it was crazy that guides tell me the day before, to eat plums, and that the name is so similar.

How eat plums could help to remove this sensation? … After 4 days only to make this “diet” I had as a revelation!
I understood where was this stress came from. 2010 is the year of the departure in Australia, enormous change which in spite of it was easily accepted by “the adult” in me, remained extremely testing for my internal child.
The part “adult” felt able of living it serenely, but for the child it was a banishment, a fear of the unknown, the abandonment of the family, and then, the solitude!

This starting again by wanting to leaving again.
The impatient adult, but the child: terrorized!

From the moment when this fear was revealed, it was possible to work above, and to try to understand it. My child-me, delighted to have finally some attention, did not anymore need to stir, and to get excited.

From there, everything stopped. No More symptoms.

It begins again from time to time, when I do not pay any more enough attention on the sufferings that can feel my child-me, but now, I know that when it arises, it is not to annoy me, but only to say to myself that some thing does not go well, and instead of living it with nervousness, I try compassion. With myself.

This sharing is a little bit (too) personal, but I thought that it could maybe help someone.