What is a spiritual shell ?

Guides message:

Spirituality, personal progress, self-knowledge, can be compared to break the own shell, we know that she is there to protect us, we hesitate… We hear outside those who laugh, who tried their wings, they already break their egg, it looks incredibly good, to don’t be afraid anymore.
When we break this shell, the way is far from being finished, we are still weak and ignorant, in spite of our “physical” age, we are new born babies, at the mercy of the first predator. We will need strength, courage and patience to develop our capacities, to understand our own functioning, and all this by avoiding the “false moves”.
The risk-taking is big, but without this first step, we would never be able to fly, to realize our deep nature, to be what we were born to.

“The spirituality it is to pass from ignorance to knowledge, and from fear to love”.