Did you already take time to stand back, to look behind, not to pity you, not to regret the past, but take time to have a look coming from the heart to see to what life had done for you?

Often when we look behind, we say ourselves ” oh! If I had not met this person, I would never have been able to met this one, and then in this period, I lost my work, but i finally had something much better, and then this boyfriend who left me, if he hadn’t made it, maybe i would be with him right now, and I never met THE boy! ”

It happens that we pass by periods of turbulences in our life, the ocean stirs, waves in surfaces are gigantic, and we forget that we are the ocean. As well waves as the quiet and peaceful bottom. We concentrate on waves, which are only the result of the wind outside, while we could concentrate on the bottom. The Peace.
It would not mean that we have not consciousness of the on-surface agitation, it means we prefer to grant our attention on what brings us of love and good.

When a storm passes in your life, try to see the global nature, rather than the simple moment of confusion.
Of course things arrive every day in your life, more or less pleasant, but by looking at the set, we understand better why it’s happen. What they can bring us, the lesson to be understood.

There are no good ones or no bad things, we can know only with time if it was good or bad for us, you lose your job, you think its bad, very bad, but a few months later, you create your own company, its becomes good, very good, then still a few months after you have difficulty finding customers, it becomes again bad, but by looking of new for customer, by skimming web sites, you fall on a company which will bring back to you most of your customers, it becomes again good! And that, it is only for work!

Everything is impermanence, nothing is either good, or bad, it is your eyes on the situation which determines if it is good or not.

And you?
When you turn around, can you see how life is magnificent, and how she managed well to put you where you are?