For a long time, I made every effort to explain things,  to convince and only a few months ago, I understood. Nothing serves to explain or even to convince, it’s only if you are what you wish to see in the world, that the others, and the things around you shall change.  Teach only what you are ! 

It is as a print of oil, you are love,  this is going to spread around you, little by little, until it’ll touch another person who will become tries print oil, and it will still spread until touch an other one without ever stopping. This is the way you will change the world!

Why teach only what you are?
Simply because it is impossible to transmit love with the hatred or the anger in the mouth! And your purpose is it not to transmute suffering in love, isn’t it ?
Then begin by making it for yourself!
Furthermore, with time, I was able to notice that the more we are love and light, the more what we tell impact people, you will change your life, but you also go to change the one of the others.

In my own approach of changing my life, the reiki was wholesome, because it teach us to take care of ourselves even before the others, because it is in this sense that we shall be capable of transmitting the best, with healing, or with your words.  We cannot make clean water if the pipe is dirty.
At the beginning it is very difficult to change bad habits, the more you are old, the more it will be difficult, but you can make it.


Few weeks ago I discussed with my guides, whom I asked why I had no more the capacities that I had in other lives, they answered me that as long as I would not master totally my thoughts I would not recover this power, because everything takes place in the intention at this level, and we cannot allow to think “bad”.

Depuis, chaque jour j’ai travaillé à ne plus penser “mal”.
Depuis, au lieu d’insulter, même dans ma tête quand quelqu’un me coupe la route, ou autre… maintenant je le béni.
Pas dans le sens catholique du terme.

Since, every day I worked not to think any more “bad”.
Since, instead of offending, even in my head when somebody cuts my road, or other …now, I blessed him.
Not in the catholic sense.

To BLESS comes from the Latin BENEDICERE, who means ” wishing good thing “

It took several months, almost 8, but the perseverance works.
At the beginning I blessed, by adding a small insult for the end^^

And with time I managed to remove the insult, then to think ” I bless you “, then i start to feel it in all my body, and finally to feel it in my Heart.

♡And then, when we begin to think with the Heart… Everything is different !
I began to see around me incredible things building up itself,  it was enough to ask, everything arrived ♡

Similar in the relations to the other one, I began the CNV a few days ago only ( not violent Communication), and I see the result in my exchanges. It is not any more from ego to ego, but from heart to heart. And even when it is of heart to ego, then the inner child, becomes suddenly softer when he feels safe and in front of the heart (here is a link on an article CNV:
To finish this article, if I can allow to give an advice:

First, take car of yourself, because it is when you will get better, that you will be most capable of transmitting love.
Nothing serves to explain, it is necessary to show.