The aura, what it is? What is for ? Why you need to see it? How to see it? …

It is consisted in fact of all our energy bodies, it is a protective barrier around our physical body which contains several different layers of density and material. (I describe you this below how I see them when i use my astral body, it is only my vision, what means that it is MY truth and not THE truth! Furthermore, I make a majority, because I was able to notice that  certain people colors were variable).

– The first body is the PHYSICAL body, our vehicle in this life there.

– The second body, the body ÉTHÉRIQUE (the one who feeds the physical body, the gasoline of our vehicle) is the densest, it is whitish, cloudy, and makes approximately 8 for 12 cms. When we get the hand through it, it is “a little bit wet” and “prickling”.

– The third is the astral or emotional body (the one we use for sensations, the feelings, our character), this body is orange, rather dense, less than the etherique body, easier to cross with the hand, its layer is thick, I shall say that it is “a little peppered” (I am sorry it is difficult to describe with human words!).

– The fourth body is the MENTAL body (there is mental rational and mental upper, as if this body was separated in two parts).
The rational body is never neutral, it delivers us information from physical body but deformed by the filter of the astral body, it is the”survival” part, while mental upper is able to delivering us information as intuition, the visions, the immediate understandings… it is bright yellow, not as a lemon but more as the sun, warm when we put the hand inside, it is not contrary perforated to other bodies, it is full, even if it remains light, I would compare it with a foam plate.

– The fifth is the CAUSAL body, the one who keeps our memories from previous lives, it is the body of the “karma” (I put it in quotation marks because we decide for our karma, it is not a punishment further to bad actions), this body is the one that we use to remember wounds of past and to be able to cure them. It is dark blue, almost midnight blue, light, cloudy, thick, and cool. It has nuances of purple.

– The sixth body is the BUDDHIST body (body which manages all the relations in our life to help us to evolve faster, as if all the bodies Buddhist of everybody were in relation to know who is going to meet who and why). It is red, very vaporous, as a cotton candy, a little bit stringy. It is “reassuring” (as if your mom took you the hand!)

-The seventh body which is the body ATMIQUE (it is the divine body, the one of unity, which remembers that we are all ONE, it is the bass of all our bodies). It is turquoise blue, very wide, and vaporous, although it is very difficult to cross it.
He is incredibly beautiful, his color is not really turquoise but I can find other words only approaches it. Just like the Buddhist body, he is “reassuring”.

It is necessary to know that will aura do not reflect the color of the subtle bodies I have just quoted. When I go out, I see the Buddhist body in red, nevertheless a red aura is not always sign of a very high person spiritually, far from there! I am going to give a sample of colors below.
To what is of use the aura?

Simply to protect our physical body of the outside attacks, it means that when a physical disease appears, it is that she in previously crossed all other bodies!
For example, since I am a child I had all the time white pharyngitises, I discovered that I had this disease because I had been hung quite a lot of time in my previous lives, and I had a very conflicting relation with my mother since several lives also and I did not tell her what disturbed me: problem of communication AND cellular memory.

It is necessary to know that we often have holes in our subtle bodies, holes which result from operations on our physical body for example, or from attacks in previous lives, or from emotional wounds … It is important to repair holes, AND to look after the cause.
Because if we repair the consequences without understanding the starting point, it will begin again (unless we have already solved the problem by our experiences of human beings).

What is the utility to see and to feel the aura?

Well when you see your own aura, it allow you to confirm the emotional or physical state in which you are at present, you can become aware of the small concern in your life, if you see your astral body for example and that you see it disrupted and pierced, then you know that if you change nothing, it is going to finish in physical disease.

It is also useful to see the aura of others to protect ourself from manipulators, or depressives, or energy vampires, I do not say that you should not be next to them, I say that it is necessary to take precautions if you do not feel enough “light” to face them without needing protective bubble!

Everybody can lie, but not the aura!

For example: a great joyful person who has a black or grey aura, you know while this person is joyful only seemingly, and while she has can be need for a little of love.

How to see it?

Take a sheet of paper, white. Put your hand above and take the look of the dreamer, you know when you are in clouds and when you begin to see fuzzy! In few minutes you’ll see a halo of smoke around the hand, as a kind of mirage in summer when it is well warm, and well it is the beginning of the body éthérique!! CONGRATS!

To see colors, it is easy, you just have  to focus on the etherique body that you see there, then to close your eyes quickly, you’ll going to see the color in the black of your eyelid.

Sample of colors (as a general rule, a clear color denotes “good”, while dark and black in “unlove”):

Red: energy of the life, somebody express, who likes the movement (the dark red or the brown red is generally for materialistic, manipulator people.)
Orange: good people, who help.
Yellow: the gaiety, the positive (the yellow GOLD is for the people of very high spirituality, as for the yellow/green it represents somebody coward.
Green: this is color of the heart, someone good, and honest (pay attention on the green/yellow which indicates somebody badly honest!).
Blue: sweetness and wisdom, Blue-purple: spirituality, this color is often the one clear-sighted, or people-channel.
Purple: color of processing, the archetypal spirituality, the color of the sincerity.
Pink: love, forgiveness.
Among others… just listen to your heart, he knows.