This is a message from guides, already published in the celestine prophecy


“You will soon rediscover that you live in a profoundly mysterious world, filled with coincidences and with synchronic meetings, seeming to be intended for you. As more of you wake up in this mystery, a completely different vision of the world will appear, redefining the universe as energy and sacred.

You will discover that everything around you, consists and ensues from divine energy, that you begin to perceive and to understand.
In this perspective, you will notice that the human beings always felt unsafe and disconnected from this sacred source, and tried to appropriate the energy of others by the domination. This fight is responsible for all the human conflicts.

The only solution is to cultivate your personal re-connection with the divine, the mystic transformation which you filled with love and with unlimited energy, increases your perception of the beauty, and leads you to a spiritual consciousness.

By this spiritual consciousness, you can get rid of your habits of control, and discover the precise truth, a mission you have to share, and which will help the humanity to evolve towards a new level of realities.
By pursuing this mission, you will discover in you an intuition which shows you where to go and what you can do. By making a positive interpretation, it will produce a stream of coincidences which will help you to discover your mission.

When most of you will participate in this exchange of spiritual energy, with those they will meet, you will build a new culture where each will evolve towards a high level of energy and perceptions.
In this way, you will participate in the great adventure of the evolution. From Big Bang to the ultimate purpose. Re energise yourself, generation after generation, until enter a paradise, which you can finally see. And that some of you already see.”

(This message was already broadcast in the “celestine prophecy”, but they friendly asked me to speak again about it today.
They specified that this new “world” would arrive much earlier than you think.)