On our spiritual path, the personal fulfillment, comes a moment when we do not look any more, but we see… what is the difference?
Well, the eyes which look are the eyes of the mental, those who judge, what compares, what gauges…
The eyes which see are the eyes of the heart, those who feel, see beyond the appearance, those who manage to see the suffering behind acts.

And what is the most difficult when we have finally the eyes which see, it is not to involve the mental, that will come to judge what is seen.
Because to SEE it is the heart, to judge it is suffering, for the other one, but also for you, and then, who judges? What suffers in us, of course!
But how not want to act when we see the suffering in others? How not to want to change the other one to help him to be happy, finally …it is what you say yourselves, no? But who judges that the other one is unhappy, the mental, once again…

Start to look after the suffering in you, start to see in you. When we have the opportunity to see really, it is not to want to change the other one, but to be able to change ourself!
And by changing yourself, you will take the risk of changing those who surround you! Because, like a drop of oil, love spreads.