The feelings can submerge us, I like this word “to submerge”, because which submerges? water!

The feelings put us in incredible states several times, maybe because we forget that we are a little thing come from an immense everything.

Let us admit that we are an ocean, it happens that certain days, big waves stir on the surface, even the storms, even the typhoons! But at the bottom of the ocean, everything is quiet, crystal clear and without any movement! Between the bottom of the ocean and the waves, the intermediate part is slowly rocked by the movement of the storm.
The problem of many people who are on a spiritual way it is to imagine to be a drop of water, or a wave, because the child-me needs identification, to be a “real” I and no big Whole.
He takes the fact of being a wave as a defeat not to manage to be the ocean, very quiet. Except that the wave is only the result of the wind outside the ocean.

When one understand it, we never want to be somewhere else, and to feel something else than what we feel at the moment, we understand that ocean has a movement, and when we are the ocean, we cannot remove this movement, but we can accept it and appreciate it, and understand that we are the quiet and crystal clear bottom, we are the intermediary who feels the movement of waves, and we are also the big waves!

” The secret ” to manage its feelings, is not to identify you in feelings that crosses you, but to become aware that it is there, not to blame and to want to make it leave at all costs, but to accept it.

The wave will become again the ocean, just like the drop, but only when it will have finishes its cycle of the water!
Accept that there is a part of us which appears and which says ” I feel it “, then an other which say ” you should not think of that, or to feel that “, then an other one ” you should not prevent it from feeling of it “, then the fourth, the fifth and finally Accept, not to accept it.

Ps: one day a big wise person told me: ” somebody who is sick, of a grave disease, you are not going to blame him for being sick? ”
No, of course not, then why to blame the others, even you, for being stupid sometimes, because people who say bad stuffs, it is a disease and few people possess the remedy, treat them as a sick person, treat you as a sick person, you will see that you will stop to blame them.