How I was already able to say it, I feel and see things since i was a child (i mean spirits or things like that!), I saw some white smokes, and I healed the back of my mother, but nothing very concrete! Everything started after my first initiation reiki in January, 2013, the reiki AND stones, it’s ” only ” 2 and a half years when my life has completely changed.

At the beginning I bring souls to the light with my sister-in-law, who wrote in automatic-writing, and I spoke to souls, I always needed a channel until August, 2014!
Yes! I help souls alone for less than a year, only since I trust my felt, i dont need anymore, dont need a third person who confirms me what my guides say.

Everything happens when we expect the less, and especially, it is good to let things have their course as the life wishes it, because when we ask more that what we are able to support, it can become very difficult (in January 2014, I was fed up because i didnt have clairaudience, I asked to have it. I regretted it, because in the evening i heard hundreds of people to speak in my head, I was not ready… my guides agreed to stop this noise, but telling me “next time, you will pay attention on what you wish, asks only what is right for you “).

August, 2014, I am in Malaysia, in a hotel of Kuala Lumpur. I try to fall asleep, while I see a big flash, as a camera. My husband tells me, half asleep ” it is not time to take pictures! “, and as usual, him fall asleep by leaving me alone, in face with my questioning. I felt somebody in the room. I am afraid, and my husband sleeps like a baby!

I begin to speak to him/her without waiting for any answer because I had no channel to make the link.
I do not speak in a loud voice, just the voice of the heart.
I ask him/her) who he / she is, why he / she is there etc… and I ask to have flashes (thing which I manage to have instead of being able to hear them), and… big surprise, I hear her!!
Since the time I waited, I believe in it only half.
Then I say to myself that I cannot invent a first name so strange!
She was called Joypuïra.
She is Indian and her husband killed her, choked. He was not punished for it, and she wants to take revenge, in any case, she does not want to see him happy.
I concentrate a little more and manage to see her, she has a magnificent dress, a pink and green sari embroidered with gold.
I am connected to her by the heart, and I “explain” to her that the vengeance is not useful, that she has to forgive, not for him, but for her, because as long as she will have hate against him, she will not be capable of seeing the light and being finally able to be good and in agreement with her.
To reassure her, I tell her that there is not much luck that her husband can reach a real happiness in this life, because he committed a murder, and remove a life, for his consciousness it is not good! Be happy by knowing that we deprived this possibility to somebody else…
We still chat a little bit, she tells me her battered woman’s life, the sadness that she feels for her children that she can never raise, and which stay with a father who strikes them … I tell her about the “choices of the soul”, the memory which I have about it, it calms her and increases her vibration.
After twenty minutes, her vibration is higher, she glimpses the light, but she is afraid, the way to go is quite black there, and she is alone. So I take her hand and let us go together towards this point so bright. Her hand squeezes hardly mine, the more we approach, the more I feel an enormous roam of love, it is beautiful. I leave her in front of the “door”, someone make me understand that I should not approach more.

I return to the “normal” life, as if I went out of a dream, a dream where I was Finally able to help a soul by myself. But what was even more wonderful, it is that I know that wasn’t a dream.

I have FINALLY clairaudience, after 8 years of meditation, and 9 years in spirituality… (Small note for the impatient persons who tell me to be tired because they dont have clairaudience or clairvoyance after 3 months of training )