The guilt, an heavy feeling, you can avoid.

Things always happened when I am in my bathroom, at the same time, water attracts the energy and keep it in her cellular reports…
Few weeks ago, from my bathroom, I see opposite a balcony which does not inspire me confidence, the building is new but nobody lives inside. I do not feel safe when I go to my bathroom, nevertheless, I see nothing.
Until the day, appears of a sudden, a girl on this famous balcony.
She has black plaits which fall on her shoulders, a long white, torn and really dirty nightdress, she does not look irritated, but fixes me with a surly air, she has the head of the little girl in “the ring”, the one who goes out of the well. But Asian version.
I am afraid (yes, it still arrives!)
But her, compare to what followed, it was nothing.
I fix her until she releases the look, but after few minutes, a super-big and not super-cool energy appears by my side, under the shower.
I get angry by saying that it’s out of question to appear in my home like that, i asked him to leave otherwise I shall make him leave (I have small very effective techniques for it.)
I feel that it is male, but that’s it. He didn’t lets me see anything of his physical appearance.
This small game lasts several weeks, and neither this shape, neither the kid want to tell me why they are here, and how I can help them.
I finally put a curtain on the window to dont see them anymore, I’m fed up to have surprise even in the middle of the night.
Then, after almost 3 weeks, I open the curtain, and I see this big guy behind the girl, they are connected, but how?
Finally the guy comes to speak to me.
He was a Khmer Rouge, during Polpot, and he raped this girl, repeatedly, and not alone.
He died almost at the same time as her, and blame him so much to did that when he was alive, so he decide to protect her from whoever will want to approach her, until the end of his “life”.
This is why he put himself between her and I every time I tried to speak to her.
I finally understood.
I spoke to them about the light, asked them if they saw it, it was not the case, it was necessary to give them energy, and ask help to their guides to make them rise in vibration.
I spoke to the girl to ask her if she forgave this guy, because this poor sir, even if he had hurt, had done everything to show that he regret. When she had forgiven him, they agreed to rise to the light.
It was magnificent, her who forgave him, and he who forgave himself.
He took her hand, and they rose together, slowly, by staring, and smiling, going hand in hand forward a futur full of love

Think of acting in agreement with your heart in your lifetime, otherwise you risk to block yourself alone in the future. Even what does not seem important to you now, can become very important after.