(and guides information about “why the plane crashed on tuesday in France”)

This crash of plane of Tuesday woken many things, but this morning I saw on a page somebody who speaks about the pilot by saying ” he does not deserve to go up to the light, he killed all these people, he is a murderer ”

what do we know about it?

Ah yes! Medias said that he had killed, the media said that he though only about him etc…! The media?
Those who want to see us against the Islamists? Against the blacks, Arabic, Chinese, against our brothers and sisters? Against those who are on earth exactly for the same reason that we are? to change the suffering they have inside them in love…Of course, some of them don’t do it properly, some don’t find themselves, then they follow paths which are not necessarily the ones of love, people die by their lack of consciousness, is that a reason to judge them? And who are we to judge others?

We manage only with our own intelligence to judge the other one, it means with familiar language that we shall be necessarily one day or an other one, the “idiot of somebody else ” !
When in your car you crush because the one in front of you brakes without looking, this one becomes your idiot, but you, you are the one of the back sir!

The judgment is for me the worst thing which can separate humans, thing which shows us the other one as how he is not, which deforms the real vision of what IS.
Other one is not stupid, is not impolite, is not stupid, or other…

He IS.

It is him, it is his experience of life. He maybe makes choices which can appear to be bad for you, but his choices lead him exactly where he has to be, to learn what he has to learn in this life.

Thanks Cambodia which making me understand it. (After many suffering and slaps!)

Other point than I wanted to tell about this crash, I had one information from my guides, which I share with you, it is your choice to believe in it or not.

They explained me that the souls of both pilots (and consequently the souls of all the passengers also) had returned to where we come from, apparently we have to evolve faster from now, and those who did not begin an internal path of changing, or who at least do not serve the general evolution, they are “sent back at home “, to start a new life where they can begin again something more constructive.
Like kids at the school, when they don’t work properly, the professor send them back at home and tells them ” you can come back when you will have chosen to work! ”

i though it was horrible, that meant we do not have choice of the free will, to evolve or not. But apparently it is the choice which we made with them before our re-incarnation.

And when i thought a bit more about it, it is true than I saw many people falling seriously sick, even some who die, people more or less close to me, and it is always people who ” did not want ” to evolve, and who thanks to the disease, often grave, are obliged to begin to see the life differently. They come from a life where only imported the outside success, to a life where a possible success inside makes its appearance.

I saw a quite bad movie , with Nicolas cage, where the souls which believe in God returns with him, all of a sudden, they give up all their life by evaporating, i really dislike this movie…! but my guides told me: ” this movie is not so bad it is really badly explained, and it is not because they believe in god that they leave but there is some truth “….

After all their explanations it seems to me more “logical”
And you, what do you think ?