THE LETTING GO , what is it, and how to do it ?

A short and simple story to understand what is the letting go…

” Two monks were on pilgrimage when one day they found themselves in front of a very deep river. On the river bank there was a seated woman who cried because she was afraid of crossing the river alone. She begged both monks to help her. The youngest turned the back on her because the members of the Order did not have the right to touch a woman.
But the oldest monk carried the woman without a word and made her cross the river. He put down her on the other side and continued his walking. The young monk blamed him all day long for having touched a woman and for having broken the laws of the Order.
At the end of the day, the old monk talked to the youngest and tells him: I carried her only to cross the river. You carried her all day long ”

The letting go, it is to have faith in life, as regards a situation where you did your utmost, but where nothing worked. It is as well to be conscientious that nothing takes place as we want that takes place, and thus “not expect” that a situation is exactly such as you had imagined it.
To be able to let go, you can meditate on the present moment, that is use your 5 senses at the same time, to be completely HERE, because when we are in the here and now, nothing else can be.
You also can try to establish an internal dialogue, between you “the heart ” and you ” the ego”, so, the mental can put in front of the heart its sufferings and explain how the situation where it does not arrive to let go, comes to touch him, because what it takes place outside, always reflects what it takes place inside.

The letting go also comes by glancing at your past, you will then realize that EVERYTHING, what you could consider as positive, as negative, was made for you, to help you to arrive at the exact point where you are at the moment, it is often wonderful not to obtain what we want, when we lose what we have of more precious, it is to find even better…

I believe that the key for letting go, it is aimless love, that is a little bit complex notion… it is to like the whole without trying to put our love on an object, a person… it is to try to reach your purpose, without putting in it all your hopes, it is to save money to buy a house but not be depressive if finally the purchase of the house is not made… who knows,maybe life will give you a boat (for the precise example!!)
About aimless love… I believe that i will talk about it soon !