The NLP (neuro linguistic programming), why use it ? How to use it in a easy way and in the everyday life?

The purpose is to visualize different stage of your life, a current
stage, and one that you would like to see arriving. I’m sure you will ask, how the fact of visualize a simple stage could change my life?
Because you go to free certain brain connection in you, by the visualization of positive things, and because besides the physical connections, visualization, creates in the astral (visu is made with the astral body, the emotional body) what will then come to show itself in the material world…


Let us take the example of a procrastinateur, which never tidies up its house, and which needs motivation (simple example!)

Make you at first a mental image (to the left of your brain) in which you live the scene from the inside. That’s mean you do not see the you as a character of a movie but you live the stage by your eyes!

You are thus on the sofa with your house upside down, the pile of dishes in the kitchen’s sink and the lawn one meter high fifty and you procrastinate… little by little your perception is going to go away from your body and you go to see this scene in a new way (as if you looked at a movie and that you were the central figure) you still go away from the scene which becomes smaller and smaller … In so doing, it’s going to be darker, colors tarnish, sounds become impoverished and the sensations diminish to be almost imperceptible finally …

Secondly (to the right of your brain), see in a separate way (as if you looked at a movie), the scene of your objective, you are happy because your lawn is magnificent and your house is absolutely first-class … On the contrary, this image is distant at the beginning, mat, noiselessly and without sensation is slowly going to get closer in your spirit, colors are going to take some brightness, the vision will be more bright and you will eventually integrate the character and to see the scene by your eyes, you will feel the enjoyment of the accomplished work and will live fully this state of mind

This work was made, you can open eyes. When the technique is strictly made, the magic of the PNL operates … You feel a renewed energy being penetrated, you make the tasks for which it was impossible to you to motivate yourself, with a surprising detachment and a disconcerting ease! this technique works for every action … but also for every situations! As for example the lack of money, or the will to have children, or another future spouse who would make you happy…

Try this method this week, at first for small actions then for more difficult tasks and to finish things which seemed to you completely impossible to realize and you will understand that the main obstacle to change your life, is the same thing which can help s to succeed, if we domesticate it : our mental/ego.