The prana is the cosmo-telluric energy, cosmo for cosmos, the universe, and telluric for telluros, earth!

You can see it if you look at a beautiful blue sky (or when you go to the sea, by cloudy weather, it is even easier!), you look at the sky, take the look of the dreamer, then in a few seconds it will appear points in the sky, a little bit transparent, with a blue / grey core which move.

If you still continue a few minutes, you go to see other little points, smaller, and which move extremely fast. Here we are, you see it!

Try to cross it with your hand, you’re going to see that they follow the movement of your fingers, they settle on your phalanxes!

There are places where there is much particles, and other places where they are much rarer, the pollution helping in the rarefaction!

what is the use of prana?
It’s useful to feed us !

How small buddhas who stayed under a tree and do not eat any more do? well, they swallow prana!

The body is made by energy, it is completely logical that we can feed us with prana, because IT IS energy!

The prana is in the sky (where you can see it easily) but it is also in all that you eat, all that you touch! 80 % of our energetic food results from the breath and the 20 % remainders of the physical food, the water.

I read on a site a sir who described the prana as ” golden droplets of the galaxy “,that’s it. (And it is very beautiful!)

Now you know, do not forget to take the snack!