It is a very important point because many people have been talking about it since I started this page. It is one of the first questions that I received. The protection.
I went through a period of “fear” myself. And during that phase, I looked for someone or something which I hope, can built around me a bubble of protection (a bubble where any attacks won’t be able to pass through it). And this was happened not long time ago, until suddenly I understand/realize (at least) that the unconditional love is pure light and in this pure light there is no place for the “none-conscience” or “none-light” (in this present case, I won’t use here the word Good or Bad, because I don’t believe in duality). This way of seeing was a bit difficult at the beginning but the more we are aware of our divine nature, the more we understand that we are unassailable in our essence, the essence of love.
If you don’t feel totally in confident in your own divine nature yet and you feel like you need a protection, you can create a kind of energetic bubble with the visualization. This will help you to not feeling exhausted energetically.

However, after the healing , I would take the precaution to clear from the person that I just do the healing all connection that would link me to her/his, just to make sure that I am not taking on me, things that the person had carried on her/his (the heaviness, the depression which can make my day diffcult).



I repeat myself, but the point which is the most important: You ARE the light and love, so you don’t need protection at all !
You shall need it if you don’t trust yourself, and if you don’t have faith in what you are, only.

In the case you don’t feel able to trust your nature, here are some keys to protect yourself:


NEVER have doubt about yourself , and do not critic yourself, (neither the others, use the right speaking, because speaking join thinking, and if you have a wrong thought about someone you send him bad vibrations, “do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you”).

When you act like this, you decrease by yourself the energy which is around you , and will give it as a self-service for everybody who want to take it (alive people or not !). Alive people can still your energy as well as not alive people. Except that non alive people have no choices to take the energy to subsist ! if you feel parasitised, you can ask your guides to repulse which parasite you , but they will help you if you prove them that you want to evolve and find the beginning problem.
Learn how to trust yourself, you are stunning, you are strong, and you are spirituals being who live human experience; not a human who live approximately a spiritual experience. If you see things in that way, you now understand that you dont need to feel fear.

2ND POINT (very important):

Very bad spirits dont exist, i mean they can exist, but juste because they don’t know what is love and conscientiousness !

That’s personnes who are the hardest to love who need it the more.
So if you meet people who are mad with you, who make you cry, angry or other… just try to love then ! Easy to say isn’t it ?!
instead of doing a buble to protect yourself, do a nice, pink love bubble for them !
here it is for the 2 most importants !
if it’s not enough…

you can make energy bubbles for yourself. By visualisation, never doubt about your power to do it, it’s will reduce the spheres of action.
Start to anchoring, it’ll be easier for protection because you’ll be full of energy, close your eyes, and just create a bubble, milky and firm around you on which all off the non-love (i dont like to say negative) charges will bounce
you can of course do the same with your house ! For my part for my house, i ask that this bubble doesn’t leave any non-love energy go trough it, and that each energy which approach it can see is suffering transmute in love. 2 ways to act for this bubble !


here is my way : i scan all my body, start with the head, i visualise that after the scan my body become all white and very bright, fill up of light, and i see the scan push all the detritus ans trash toward the bottom of my body, i do this until the scan arrive at the end of my roots, in the center of earth.
Then i ask to the earth to take the trash, and recycle in a bowl of light, e-incredibly white, which go up inside my roots. (Écolo even in energy^^).

Don’t forgot you subtils body and your chakras, take time to stop on each energetique center, llike this the scan clean it very carefully. Just note that your body and your chakras can be dirty very quickly following your job, the place you live… Make sure to focus on you heart to know if you need to clean yourself or not.
You can use the same technique for you house.
If after someone came to you home you feel very heavy, tired, and you house “full”, clean yourself, and your house.
When you need a protection before a healing, or before seeing someone depressed, or other… do your protection, but think to make the distinction between compassion and empathie. You don’t need to take the suffering of each other, it’s his way, not yours.