While I was in a garden of magnificent plants in Singapore, I smell a rose (my husband told me to smell), then I hear, ” And me, and me! “, at the time I do not find, then I hear to cry, in big sobs.

I stop, take time to look all around, and there I see a quite small button of rose, no more attractive than it, in any case, not magnificent compared with the others, he had either no extraordinary color, he was “common”.
I look at him, and i hear to cry again, the poor did not understand why nobody wanted to smell him. He was so small as nobody paid him attention.

I approached my nose, when I discovered a perfume which I had never smelt previously, not a simple perfume of rose, but an incredible mixed of sweetness and magic strength, his smell was sparkling, soft, reassuring, full of delight quite at the same time!

I became teary-eyed to say to myself that if he had not called, I would never had the opportunity to meet him.
This small button of rose gave me a lesson of life, tell me that the most beautiful appearances do not contain the most beautiful secrets.
And when life calls you, it is necessary, to take time to know what she wants to speak to you, they are often things, more important than “simple” smell of rose.

Wiseness, is to take every person you meet as a professor.

Picture: the small button of rose.