14The Test of 3 Sieves.

i found that text many times, so i decided to publish it to share with people who dont know it yet .
Like my father says : “Someone is an idiot”


Socrates had in antique Greece a high reputation of wisdom.One day, Somebody came to talk to the philosopher and tells him:

– Do you know what I have just eared about your friend?

– A moment said Socrates; before you tell me, I would like to make you pass a test, that of three sieves.

– Three sieves?

-yes said Socrates, before telling any sorts of things on the others, it is good to take time to filter what we would like to say.
It is what I call the test of three sieves.

Did you verify if what you want to tell me is true?

– No, I only heard about it.

– Very well, so you don’t know if it is the truth.
Let us try to use the second sieve, the one of kindness.

That you want to learn me on my friend is it something good?

– Ah not! contrary.

– Socrates continues and said, you want to tell me bad things on him and you are not even certain if this is true.
You can take maybe again the test because there is an other sieve, the one of utility.

Is that useful that you teach me what my friend would have made?

– No, not really.

– Then, concludes Socrates, if what you have to tell me is neither true, nor good, nor useful, why you want to tell it to me?