We are all the idiot of an other one, you knew it, isn’t it ?
(extracted from “Caesar and master of swallows “)

“Still listen, this time in your langage, more raw and more direct : we can be a real idiot only by ignoring it! Because to be an idiot” by knowing it” it cannot last for a long time. Then you should never delete the bullshit, only add it a friendly consciousness, and love will make the rest. Well then, only then, the bullshit will disappears!”

This sentence put me back in my place, me who think some times (too often? Especially where I live!) that i’m a “rescuer of the bullshit of the others”. We cannot change people unwillingly, on the other hand, like that has been said, we can bring love to the bullshit, until that this becomes aware.

New daily challenge.