“Everything person we meet is the right person”

We attract to us what we vibrate, what we are, what we think.

A small article to tell you that when we are in agreement with what we think and what we are, the life makes real miracles! Whether it is with situations, or with people. You force yourself to stay with this boy who make you sad? ask you why you impose yourselves such a fate?
And especially which lesson you have to learn from this situation.

I have a short history which I wanted to share with you:

Yesterday I decided to leave my work because it did not make me anymore happy, I was afraid at the beginning for financial level, but a beautiful soul reminded to me that if I do not make it, it is because I had not enough faith life. Actually, me who advocate permanently the fact that life gives me all I need (and not necessarily desire, watch out!), why should i believe that everything is perfect, except for this situation!?

I took a little of courage, and I decided to leave, and… incredible!
Magnificent fallout arrived, on the same day!! : a new job (completely adapted to my aspiration), an e-mail of an attractive person I had write a few days earlier, appointments for psycho-energy … among others!

All this to tell you that when you do not dare to make what you want, certainly you’re protected with your finances, but you maybe missed an opportunity which could be better for you!

There is a saying which says “who is afraid is a fearful person”. (It is my father who said it to me, I do not know if it exists for real ^^)

So, let’s go !! do not have doubt about you anymore, or your capacities to make your life wonderful!
Ask! Simply!

https: // www.youtube.com/watch? V=Wgj_psUr-hY

The life is a boomrang, you think positive, it is returned to you amplified! And similar for the negative.

“Be the change which you want to see in the world”