” You remember when we were a child, this simple moment of authentic enjoyment, this moment when the whole life which we knew, all her facets, were perfect, the whole life was perfect !…now we became adults’ colony, nothing is completed, oh! and all goes wrong! It’s as if we were in search to relive this magic, and nevertheless the more we make efforts to find the happiness, the more happiness escapes us… in fact.
It is only when we are occupied to something else, when we are absorbed, inspired, when we discover, when we look, when we dance why not, we can experience happiness as an under-product or side effect…we should not be worried by the search of our happiness, but by the happiness in the search… ”

That’s it the secret of the happiness, stop looking for a purpose, because in fact, there is never a end, the happiness is in the path, not in a point we will maybe never reach.

The happiness is to make a list of all things which brings us this pure enjoyment in the heart, and simply make more of what makes you happy, make more things of this famous list!
Limit what brings us sadness and dissatisfaction, for the benefit of what is good for us.
Life is too short to worry, and to make things which does not bring us love.

And you? Who makes you happy?