How to know who judge?


This morning, I speak with one of my favorite patients, because yes I have it! We have all favorites let’s make it clear! We thus speak about bombs in Paris , I transmit you her e-mail (I copy it, because there is no names !), I also added notes, in brackets.

” I want to understand why it arrived here. (The attacks of the 13th November in Paris) I do not want to be manipulated, (by the governments) I would like that the whole people get up and denounces this endless war and that the government acts at the base of the problems! The weapons sale, to block the bank accounts of these terrorists, to develop the renewable energies and say stop to the oil…

Well, for you, we can have hope that these terrorists change? They are no more human. (I said her in my previous e-mail that these people acted without knowing really what they made, because manipulated, the “good” and the “bad” have not sense anymore for them)

They deserve to die, they decided to kill, to make suffer, stop!!! They chose the bad way, now life has to give them a good lesson ! It is hideous. One do not can let them continue!

What would you say? To send them love? For me, it’s a waste of time, we cannot make them humans anymore.

I am sad with the video that you posted about the boy, who says that you should not judge. Of course if we see the life under a spiritual order we all hurt someone one day… But not judge these terrorists! Impossible!
I would also like to understand why these people died, why these one? . They had to die? It was planned? I am really sad. I recognize well that for victims’ families it is going to change radically their way of seeing life, it is a fuckin’ lesson. Some react by love when others react with the hatred, the anger, the desire for vengeance. Thus for these people, how they will live ? If they maintain these thoughts: (

Because once again it is these fragile people who are once again going to sink into the depression, the pessimism… “

My answer, that I enriched for the article!

” Ah! I also wonder that people gets up, but for it it… they need to wake up before getting up no?:)

How to put one foot out of the bed, without being even conscious that we’re still sleeping, go to tell the dreamer, who is flying on his multicolored unicorn, that’s time to wake up,  for him, it is you who sleep! He is feeling well in his world of lies, the truth is often more bitter than the honey of the ignorance.

Who are we to say that the terrorists deserve to die? Only god, love, only the life can decide on it, who are we to be entitled of life or death on a perfect being, because made by the life?


Because yes! I am a part of these people who say permanently that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! But why I, Johanna, I shall decide at my quite small level of what is good or not? How could I, from my point of view, see the world in its entirety to understand things in a massive scales, what can we by vile or inequitable from our point of view, can be completely useful for the massive scale, I do not say that it was for Paris, I emit the hypothesis!


Here is a little story which is perfect to understand:
A very old man had a magnificent white horse for only richness.
All his neighbors say to him every days to sell it for his retirement.
But the old man didnt really want to do it because he liked the horse.
And one day, the horse disappear.
“Curse, curse ” say all the neighbors, you lost the opportunity to insure your old days “.
The old farmer said: ” curse, blessing, we don’t know “.
A bit later, the white horse returns with a whole herd of magnificent white horses.
” Blessing, blessing ” say neighbors.
And the old man said: ” blessing, curse, we don’t know “.
Later, the son of the old farmer, by taking care of horses, had a fall which leaves him distorted.
” Curse, curse ” say the neighbors who apparently did not still understand the lesson.
And our old farmer said: ” curse, blessing, we don’t know “.
Later again, the emperor declares the war and every young peoples were mobilized, exception of the son.
Again neighbors exclaim: ” blessing, blessing, what a chance to keep your son with you “, and again the old man say: ” blessing, curse we do not know “.
Chance or bad luck, don’t exist, everything happens because of what you are and what you need for futur, you are here for a precise reason, which maybe only you still ignore .

I believe from my point of view, global vision helping, that all which arrives could not be more perfect , for sure, i do not speak about the suffering endured by the families of the victims, I speak GLOBAL. People wake up finally, but not all! So, it will be necessary to leave other things like this, it’s a pity but people wake up only with suffering, did you noticed?

You say that they chose the bad way, it is funny, it is also what they think about us… Incredible, how the judgment comes easily!! This judgment which creates wars between us, men of the same species, the same origin, the same world, and in the same research for the happiness.

YOU act with the heart THUS it is love, i mean, this is what you think ! … but do you believe the do not think similar? All people who will not fall in the heart, are going to have more and more slaps of the life, as this one …:/and this believe ” I think in a better way”, lasts since millenniums, with the Christians, the Nazis, and then the Islam… ah ! religion!


And to fall in the heart, what is it ? It is to learn not to believe more that we do better than others,  not to believe that we or the other one are upper or lower than us, because believe, ” I am in the heart THUS what I’m doing is right ” …This is the mental!! The Ego! Incredible eh? Who are we to judge? We only have our own intelligence to be able to judge others!

Yes, one more time, the mental is the one who wants to gauge! The heart do not need it, the heart knows that all which arrives has a sense, and that it’s not our business, small human being, to judge if what other makes is good or bad.

I think that we should take care of our post in our hand before seeing the bone idle of others!

Be the change you want to see in the world, and let us notice that often, the hardness with which we judge the others is the same that the one we use to judge ourselves! When we shall bring more love, and when we shall set more time to see what it remains to work in us, we shall have less time to look at what it takes place outside!

Connect our hearts with our brains <3