You have chance, you. Here is same old story of those who believe that life gives purely by chance, and not in report on our way of being

I chose the life i have now.

But chance does not exist, coincidences such as we understand it either.

I am conscious of my creative energy, I know that if i use it ill-advisedly, she can hurt, very badly.
The power which I have in the good, can have the same power on the other side, that’s the reason I try to master my thoughts as much as i can.

I pay attention because ” I know the law. What I express comes back to me as certainly as I express it.
So, i express only the good, and it returns to me “

Have you already noticed that those who spread love around them age much less faster than those who act outside the heart?
Have you noticed too that everything in life smiles to them? That their life is much easier than yours? That they are never sick ?

The diseases, are an absence of body’s health.

I wanted to tell you, that chance, to have “buttocks lined with noodles” (french expression i guess!) as say some people, it is necessary to deserve it!!

At the beginning it is an effort, it’s very difficult to stop grumbling, to stop speak ill any more, then the effort becomes an exercise, and the exercise becomes a habit.

What did you expect? you believed I was born by blessing everybody, by seeing the good everywhere? Not at all! I was a grouch and not the slightest! Then I understood.

I am not going to lie to you, sometimes i’m very irritated and i say insanities to those who make that I am crossed by anger, but compare to the beginning, I am now conscious that I am not anger, either hatred, or jealousy, it is just feelings which cross me, and now i’m able to like these feelings.

When anger is faced with love and condolence, it feels then included, and disappears.
Not in the minute, right? once again do not make you false ideas to believe that because we are on the path of the spirituality, we snap the fingers, and hup, we are a buddha!
No! Not need to snap the fingers, you are already a buddha, a forgotten buddha.

Just try to find back this affectionate part at the bottom of you. Think only Love, if you have non-love thoughts, erase it as soon as you just pronounced them (I have a magic gum which i use for that!), and replace this thought by an other one full of love, for example: ” you just cut my drive way, I have anger inside me because of it, but i bless you anyway” (it’s the sentence i use. And “bless” to wish good things, not bless as a religious order)

You will see how your life will be changed, you need endurance, if you do it 4 days and anything happens, it is normal, how many years have to catch up?:p
Remain concentrated, do not break, make with it a way of thinking, a lifestyle: way where you respect the others, but especially you respect yourself.

The good waves, vibrations and the thoughts which I send echo against the wall of the life to come back to me, amplified.